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About SoniPark

SoniPark was formed in 2012 and was a result of the dissolution of a company formed in 2004.  That company had worked with Schick Electronic of Switzerland who is the inventor of Parking Guidance systems.  SoniPark is run by the Chief Technologist from the previous company so we know our stuff!  We are decentralized and now have contractors across the country.

Parking is the first “touch point” of your business to customers and most people do not like the prospect of having to locate a parking space.  We make it easy and fun, all while providing the motorist a rich experience and providing the garage owner/operator a powerful tool from which to control the garage.

SoniPark isn’t just the best Parking Guidance vendor, our clients tell us that we are their best vendor period!  We like having that reputation and will always go above and beyond to provide new customers with this experience as well.  Some Signal Park systems in the US have been in operation for 21 years.  Most of our competition hasn’t even been in business half of that time.

Features and Benefits That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love SoniPark

Data for Every Parking Space

No need to chalk tires, the system not only changes the LED color, it starts the clock the moment a vehicle parks.

Know Space History from Inception

It also keeps the time of how long the space is vacant.  This is big for security reasons….look at five minutes of video rather than five hours.

In Aisle Detection

In Aisle Detectors that can be installed while the spaces are in use. Over vehicle detectors also available.

Industry Leading Technology

Signal Park is always about 3-5 years ahead of our competition.  What do you expect from THE INVENTOR of Parking Guidance?

Dynamic Signs Keep Vehicles Moving

Signs have dynamic walking arrows and can be pole mounted.

Signs Brighten and Dim Automatically

The dynamic arrow can also be programmed to be static.  ADA, Exit, Electric and various other signs also available.

Web Site Data is a Snap!

Easy data push to your web site that updates every ten seconds without refreshing.

Data Push via Text or JSON

Your Web Master will love us. Easy web site data push via JSON or Text, or we can interface with over 20 types of databases if you want an app and it’s already built in.

Our Customers LOVE Us!

We strive for excellence. We are told that we are their BEST vendor by all of our customers..

We get told this all the time

Our Customers love our rapid support, knowledge and that we go the extra mile for each and every one.  We’ll do that for you too!

Data Export is also a snap!

With a few clicks of a mouse, we can export all of your garage usage data to Excel.

Garage Data exports easily to Excel

Data can be queried between dates, determined time intervals, occupancy, average stay, in/outs all standard in our software.

We Make Parking Easier

Garage Statistics at Your Fingertips

All of your garage data is right at your fingertips.  The main GUI is feature loaded and shows Dials, Candles or Bars.  It’s Your choice, and they display filling or emptying trends, and automatically calculates and displays the rate at which it’s happening.  Double click on a space on the Plan View drawing and know exactly how long a vehicle has been there, how long the space was empty, when the vehicle arrived, etc.  All graphical data can be gleaned and exported to data manipulation software like Excel or others for easy accounting and to create reports.  Select dates, times, intervals etc.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Motorists LOVE Us!

As your first touch point of your customers, making it easy and stress free to find a parking space is paramount.  Fact:  Stressed and Angry customers spend much less money than happy customers with more time.  What type of customer do you want to deal with?

  • Get Motorists to Spaces Fast

  • Have Happy Customers!

  • Maximize Your Garage Space Usage.

  • Immediately know of overtime vehicles.

  • Help Motorists find Lost Vehicles.

  • Put Surveillance on a Vehicle or Space.

  • Reserve Spaces with a Click.

Some Clients in the USA

Some Systems Have been in Operation for 13-18 years!

Who We Are

We Strive For Excellence and to Exceed our Customers Expectations

Plain and Simple….Our customers love us.  The owner of SoniPark is a Mechanical Engineer that has been working with Parking Guidance Systems since 2005.  We have grown, shrunk and morphed as the economy grew, then collapsed, then rules/laws changed, and all the while, we never missed a beat on our outstanding customer service.

We have yet to have a customer bring their garage to us, so having a classic 9-5 commercial office space, and the overhead that comes with it doesn’t make sense.  Due to long sales cycles and changing labor regulations, it made sense to “decentralize” and have contracted individuals or companies that act as our partners in the various locations that we have systems.  We are loyal to them and they are loyal to us.  We have equipment in stock at most current sites and have equipment in stock in Scottsdale, Arizona that can be shipped overnight.  Don’t take our word for it…take our customer’s word for it.  They tell us we aren’t only the best Parking Guidance vendor, but their best vendor period!  We take great pride in that and want to provide you with the same level of excellence.  Give Us a call….You won’t be sorry.

Skills We Use

Customer Service 100%
AutoCad for Pre/Post project design 90%
Garage Expertise to Guide Customers 97%
Common Sense to Solve Problems 95%

Team Members

Chris Mielke


A former Design Engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engines, Laser Lab Scientist, Plasma Expert and Mechanical Engineer, Chris has been in Parking since 2005, whatever the problem, a solution isn't far off.

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